Impact of the US Election 2016 - Blackrock Investment Institute - Oct 2016
A complete article discussing issues including fiscal policy, impact on globalisation and sectors which are likely to benefit from a Democrat or Republican victory. 

BREXIT and expat financial planning - Amit Ramnani - The Rio Times - Sept 2016
The impact of BREXIT on currencies, savings, pension and money transfers. 

Foreign investors start looking at Brazil again - Amit Ramnani commentary - Latin American Post  - April 2016
Risk and reward of potentially investing in Brazil. 

Taxing affairs: The Common Reporting Standard - Amit Ramnani - The Rio Times - Oct 2016
Expat tax obligations and the impact of the CRS. 

Brazil crisis creates opportunities for foreign investors  - Amit Ramnani - Brazilian Chamber of Commerce - Oct 2016
Opportunities for 3 groups of foreigners: Retirees, real estate investors and business investors.

Brazil: Looking Past the Headlines - Amit Ramnani commentary - Simon Letter magazine - Oct 2016
Excerpts from a longer article about opportunities and considerations re. investing in Brazil.

Expat tax issues and FAQs - Amit Ramnani - Fina Review - Oct 2016
Discussion of expat tax obligations and a few short client examples

U.S. expat financial planning - Amit Ramnani - The Rio Times - Aug 2015
Discusses the financial and tax planning considerations for US expatriates. 

Financial planning for life changes - Amit Ramnani - The Rio Times - May 2016
Considerations for expats during times of job uncertainty and redundancies. 

Financial planning in a world of volatility - Amit Ramnani - The Rio Times - Feb 2016
The importance of taking advice and maintaining a long-term view.

US financial planning: The PFIC trap - Amit Ramnani - The Rio Times - Nov 2015
Understanding international asset types and associated tax implications. 

The Importance of financial planning - The Rio Times - Oct 2012
Two consultants discuss wealth-creation strategies and the importance of maintaining a long investment horizon.

Asset class diversification - Morningstar - 2016
An interesting chart showing how asset class performance varies over time - hence the importance of diversification.  

Insufficient retirement planning Exame  (in Portuguese)
A potential scenario for those who do not plan sufficiently for their retirement. 


Opportunities in Brazil - The Rio Times - May 2016
Rio Times event in Rio de Janeiro about accessing investments and opportunities in Brazil. 

Currency volatility continues in Brazil - The Rio Times - March 2016
The Brazilian Real continues appreciating against the dollar in 2016

Currency volatility and the Brazilian Real - The Rio Times - Jan 2016

Property market in Zona Sul - The Rio Times 

Public holidays in Rio - Rio Uncovered

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